Mommy madness!!

Mornings with fluffball

That is exactly what bunny rabbit is when he is starting to wake every morning.. a fluff ball.

If i am not in the same room when he wakes, he ll call out for me and wait a few minutes before going full throttle. i try and get to him before that happens most of the time. Once he sees me, he goes back to his sleeping position and gives me that sleepy content smile.. the ones that make your heart constrict and your eyes well up for no reason. he then proceeds to stretching and yawning and the loud ‘sighs’ and the works.By then my heart has already melted and dripping onto the floor.


This the only time of the day he enjoys being hugged and cuddled and curls into this adorable ball of cuteness.  i can go on and on but you get the message..

By the way,this lasts for all of 5 minutes max.. what happens next.. well, lets leave that for another vent out session,shall we!🙃🙃



Mothers.. unite!

It was awesome. A totally unplanned hilarious vent out/ release session that happened not once but twice..wait for it.. ON THE SAME DAY. It is a miracle is what it is!!

As God as my witness, i have to say this- these sessions- that is what keeps me going.i mean,i am no angel and i know it but if i want to be a better parent to bunny rabbit then i have to be able to release this ‘negative’ energy.

Not suprisingly, being judged for the decisions you make as a mother was one of the topics. And that got me wondering. Mommyhood is hard enough without all the spiteful comments and judjements for God’s sake.  Imagine how comforting it would be to hear the good stuff especially when you are constantly questioning yourself on your parenting skills.’I understand’, ‘you are doing a great job’, a knowing smile, a pat on the back  is/are so much better than the condescending tone or the eye-rolling or the ‘does she even know what she is doing’ look. And the saddest part of this all is how it is mostly women and out of that mostly mothers who do this to other women/mothers.

Parents know what is best for their child. So should you know somebody who is doing something  differently to what you do then refrain from passing any sort of judgement . If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

Mothers of the universe- UNITE!!




Privacy? What’s that again??

I always knew privacy was a long forgotten dream ever since bub came into my world.I have never been able to shut the door and/or always had company every time nature beckoned.But it was all ok.. until yesterday.

Let me rewind a little.

During bub’s immobile phase.. i would put him on his bouncer and keep him at the door while i went.. singing and cooing and making funny faces all the while( remember my role as an entertainer in my previous post). When he started crawling,i obviously couldnt keep him on his bouncer but i would keep him in the bath tub along with his toys or keep his just outside the bathroom or place him close to the door( he was afraid to crawl over the little step at the base of the bathroom door) and it was all good. i had also taught him (or so i thought) that he shouldnt enter the bathroom because it was dirty.

And then he started walking…

Yesterday, bunny rabbit walked right in and no amount of ‘NO’s’ or cajoling or stern faces kept him at bay.  He came in,pulled out all the toilet paper and then demanded to be picked up. He then wanted to sit on my lap. When i refused to accept either of his terms, he went on to play with the hygene shower and spray water everywhere!! i mean everywhere!!

Lets just say i dont think i have ever had a quicker toilet break ever!

Privacy settings- OFF







Expectation vs reality

Since bunny rubbit was refusing to eat,mommy suggested that i nurse him less.. which meant a change in routine.


Refusing to nurse meant aari waking up earlier than his usual time which meant i had to wake up earlier than my usual time. Convincing myself that this is all in the spirit of mommyhood,i  proceeded with his breakfast expecting(expectation number 1) him to gobble it all up in a matter of seconds…after all he didnt get his usual quota of milk… but NO.. since he didnt get his usual quota and also because he was sleep deprived, it meant i had to deal with a cranky child. Never mind i told myself.. the day will only get better. I managed to make him eat his breakfast- jumping,singing,dancing and doing all sorts of things to distract him into eating.

I expected(expectation number 2)him to take a long nap to make up for his loss of sleep in the morning but hello there,LO decided he needed  a short 30 minute nap. Which meant no me-time

The entire day went by in a similiar fashion with bunny crushing every little expectation of mine ! Less nursing meant more of everything else. More carrying around,more entertainment,more more more.  And did it actually help with the food?Not really!!

Allow me to indulge in some self pity and comfort food before i come back to you




I am a 33 year old independent woman,mommy to a vivacious 1 year old and a strong feminist who has been living away from home from the age of 16 and continue doing so. From this, i think it is quite understandable that i live by my own rules.

So imagine my surprise when i tell mommy dearest that i am stepping out for dinner with friends to which she reluctantly agreed and then at around 10:30 PM she calls me to find out what time i will be home!! She also told me that she wont be able to sleep till i reach home!!!!!

33 or 100- parents will always be parents!

ARMIN- do you hear that!! Parents will always be parents! Dont blame me if i do this to you 33 years down the lane. Blame the parent gene!

Kangaroo pouch

Its one of those days.. when the mommy mode is switched off. Your patience is running low.. temper is flaring.. and you are just dogbone tired..I woke up this morning wanting to pass on the mommy responsibilties to someone else but hey! That is not how it work is it!.

Bub is recovering from a flu and while it looks like he is out of it,the appetite is pretty much non-existent.He refused to eat his breakfast and also proceeded to spit out the little morsels i managed to get into his mouth. To add to this, he flung his hands out and attacked the spoon and bowl thereby toppling all the contents! I swear on Lord’s name if he wasnt so cute, i would have thought he was the devil’s spawn!!!

Nap time turned into a game with him nursing the life off me and everytime i thought he was asleep,lo behold! Bub would open his eyes and jump on me. A very long 45 minutes and litres of breast milk later,he finally dozed off. I wanted to dance with joy but settled with grinning ear to ear in silence afraid that batting an eyelid would get him high again!

Lets not even talk about medicine time because that may just send me hiding in the closet with a huge chocolate bar.

To top it, he has been perched on my hip from dawn to dusk. Wonder why God never though of making one of those kangaroo pouches for the homo sapien mommies! After all, we need them the most dont we!

Tired Momzilla

Little joys!

There is nothing else that gives me immense joy than watching bunny rabbit gobble up his meal. After days of fever bouts and a bad throat, LO finally had his first proper meal today! Aaaah the joy! My heart is still beaming-7 hours later!

Emotions Emotions!

You know that moment when other mommies have told you about the flurry of emotions they go through when it involves their lil cub and you think to yourself’oh cmon,it cannot be that intense. Sounds exaggerated to me’. Well, sorry to burst your bubble non-mommies but it is true!Happiness,grief,anger,gratitude gut wrenching,heart stabbing, palpitating emotions- all of which you have experienced before is now raised to infinity.

I never knew i was capable of such intense rage until the day i saw the nurse try to draw blood out of my lil one. She couldnt find the nerve as in the case of most 1 year old’s but the fact that she was a nervous wreck didnt help the situation either. Thankfully for her,she gave up just before i clawed her eyes out.

The blood test is still pending and the mere thought of it sends me cursing and badmouthing the entire medical field for not being able to find an easier way to do this! Someone make a discovery already!!!!You have the entire mommy crowd backing you.


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