I am my own experiment, my own work of art- Madonna

I dont think anyone could have said it better!! You are who you are.. and there will be no one else like you! so rejoice in your uniqueness!!

Feminism , food, family, friends, fun- looks like everything i love and believe in starts with an F! A little spooky that the Mister’s name starts with the letter ‘F’ too! (Oh hold on! the little monster has no trace of the letter in his name. Maybe its time i change it!!)

I decided to blog on a whimsical..one bored,dull night when the mister was away and the monster was asleep. You see, I had taken a break from work after bub was born and had reached a point where i thought my brain was rotting away from all the mundaneness that came with being a SAHM and at the same time the heart was ready to explode with the  endless emotions i felt for the lil brat. And while i could have kept a personal diary i thought it would be fun to be able to share these little anecdotes with other parents or parents to be or anyone interested.

It was also to show that there is no 101 code on parenting. We all follow different styles and parent in a manner that best suits our little one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that you are not alone in this crazy maniacal suicidal journey called Parenthood!

Why Momzilla?From an emotional point of view, i guess i felt like Godzilla- my mommy emotions were/are huge, loud,all over the place and growling for no reason. And also the godzilla sized protectiveness i felt for this tiny human being. I was ready to rise to my full size, beat my chest, scream and whack the shit out of anyone who tries to hurt him. Ok i think i just described King Kong but you get the gist of it, dont you!

While parenting will be the main topic of conversation here, do not be surprised if you find a sudden outpouring  related to the few F’s that i am passionate about!