It eventually happened. I have heard about it, read columns and experienced mini versions of it but a couple of days back, it finally happened. A complete meltdown.

And no i did not see it coming.

That morning was no different from other mornings. The same old routine- wake up,down a mug of coffee,eat and bask in the silence before bub wakes up. Uneventful start… bub his usual cheerful self. We cuddled,stretched, played ball ate some breakfast,played a little more,showered afterward, nursed,played somemore  until it was time for his 1st nap of the day.

And then it was downhill from there.

Bub didnt want to sleep no matter how hard i tried. Finally giving up, i walked to the kitchen to prepare lunch.i could sense my frustration building up but kept a check on it.

Bunny played in the kitchen while i cooked. He loves playing with the storage tins and vessels and so as usual he opens the cabinet and pulls out a tin. Unfortunately the lid was not tightely closed and before i knew it, i had semolina all over my kitchen floor. I called bunny rabbit by his real name rather loudly – purely out of frustration and set out to clean the mess. I still had my frustration at check.. or so i thought. Bunny rabbit then proceeded to empty the duster- onto which i had just collected all the spilt semolina. I stared at the mess in horror and then came the water works. I bawled my heart out (not too loudly though for fear of scarring bunny for life!)blubbering to myself about how much i missed work and adult conversations and coffee meetings and carefree mornings and and and. This probably went on for 20 minutes. I spent the next 20-25 minutes crying a little more-this time out of guilt of putting bub through this..even thought he was oblivious to the whole thing.. bunny thought i was just making weird faces at him like i always do  and so he laughed and laughed while i cried harder and harder.

And then i got up, stretched, fed bub his lunch and put him to sleep.