Just the other day, i was in the kitchen when i heard a loved one correct bunny rabbit for something he was not supposed to be doing. It was a soft and stern NO. But it hit me right where it hurts.. reverberated through the kitchen walls and dived right into the weakest spot of my heart..images of his innocent smile, dopey eyes, half open mouth and every other innocent aspect of that little man flashed before my eyes- so dramatic that it would have put Karan Johar to shame.

I wasnt prepared for this… especially since i am a firm believer of collective parenting- where your squad is equally responsible for rightly disciplining the mini monsters. I know i have done this with my neice(s) and nephew(s)and expected the same in return. However i under estimated the emotions that come with it.. uninvited,illogical,irrational,unrealistic  but very real and very raw. I am hoping this disappears or  at the least subsides as time passes by and/or when the mischief increases to a point where you want to whack the living daylights of them but until then ohhhh!! the feels…..