So all those fights and trolls and memes over how the fathers barely bear the brunt of parenthood ( which is true of course!) and how they manage to have a life while we dont!( which is true again!) and how they sleep right through the night tears ( cannot get truer than that!),most of us laugh over it whilst secretly agreeing to it all.

And then the mister goes out of town and you reluctantly realise that you were wrong all the while. There are so many things that they do that go unnoticed.. like playing crazy clown that tickles your LO silly.. or taking them out for drives or..or.. ok maybe that is it but you get the jist of it dont you!

So thank you crazy mister,not for all the things that you do ( after all,you are a parent as well and so it is expected that you do what you are supposed to do) but for being the silent spectator while the insane mommy gets to(rightfully!) bask in some glory once in a while and you dont.

Glorified Momzilla