It was awesome. A totally unplanned hilarious vent out/ release session that happened not once but twice..wait for it.. ON THE SAME DAY. It is a miracle is what it is!!

As God as my witness, i have to say this- these sessions- that is what keeps me going.i mean,i am no angel and i know it but if i want to be a better parent to bunny rabbit then i have to be able to release this ‘negative’ energy.

Not suprisingly, being judged for the decisions you make as a mother was one of the topics. And that got me wondering. Mommyhood is hard enough without all the spiteful comments and judjements for God’s sake.  Imagine how comforting it would be to hear the good stuff especially when you are constantly questioning yourself on your parenting skills.’I understand’, ‘you are doing a great job’, a knowing smile, a pat on the back  is/are so much better than the condescending tone or the eye-rolling or the ‘does she even know what she is doing’ look. And the saddest part of this all is how it is mostly women and out of that mostly mothers who do this to other women/mothers.

Parents know what is best for their child. So should you know somebody who is doing something  differently to what you do then refrain from passing any sort of judgement . If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

Mothers of the universe- UNITE!!