That is exactly what bunny rabbit is when he is starting to wake every morning.. a fluff ball.

If i am not in the same room when he wakes, he ll call out for me and wait a few minutes before going full throttle. i try and get to him before that happens most of the time. Once he sees me, he goes back to his sleeping position and gives me that sleepy content smile.. the ones that make your heart constrict and your eyes well up for no reason. he then proceeds to stretching and yawning and the loud ‘sighs’ and the works.By then my heart has already melted and dripping onto the floor.


This the only time of the day he enjoys being hugged and cuddled and curls into this adorable ball of cuteness.  i can go on and on but you get the message..

By the way,this lasts for all of 5 minutes max.. what happens next.. well, lets leave that for another vent out session,shall we!🙃🙃